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A person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority.

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“The Epic side of story, heroes and common people”

The island of Rhodes appealed to countless invaders through centuries, becoming the scene of some of the greatest battles of World history.

It is here before these walls that Mehmet the conqueror with his 100000 men was defeated by a handful of knights Hospitalers fighting to survive along with the Greeks, Jewish and others living in the fortified city. The siege of Rhodes was known by its contemporaries as the “Iliades of its time” and the defenders of the city became living legends.

This tour is the perfect choice for visitors who want to dive into the epic medieval stories of the defenders of the city, while enjoying the exceptional fortifications that gave the city of Rhodes the reputation of an untakable fortress.

The tour starts between the modern city and the medieval city, close to the seaside.We will enter the moat to be immediately impressed by the scale and dimensions of this part of the fortified walls.

Your guide will not only reveal the tales of battles opposing huge Ottoman armies against the fierce Knights Hospitalers of the Sovereign Order of St John, but also the stories of all different historical periods visible only through the eyes of a specialist. Your guide will also reveal to you those techniques used here for the very first time by the best engineer of the Western world.

The fortifications of Rhodes are not only a miracle of medieval engineering but today they also serve as a refreshing park in the middle of the city, entirely surrounding the Old Town of Rhodes.

Through a passageway in the medieval wall, we’ll enter the Medieval city and visit its administrative district known as the Street of the Knights, a perfect occasion to better understand how the Order was organised. From the administrative district we will then enter Ippokratous square, where beats the heart of the Old Town, the perfect place to talk about what happens and where, as the Old town is still a bustling center with social, commercial, gastronomical interest and nightlife.

We will then continue until the Jewish quarter where our tour will end.


Highlights: Moat, fortifications, Palace of the Grand Master (outside), street of the Knights, Hospital of the Knights (outside), Ippokratous square, Jewish Martyrs square, Our Lady of the Burgho.

Subjects: Story of the Knights Hospitalers from Jerusalem to Rhodes, Defensive systems, greatest battles and sieges, conquerants and defenders, the function and role of the Knights Hospitalers, life in Medieval times; topography of the Old town through the centuries, administrative system of the Order of St John, everyday life in the Old town and practical information, orientation and different districts in the Old town, the Jewish community of Rhodes.


Note: whispers included.