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A person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority.

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Book your private tour
with the Association of
Licensed Tourist Guides of Rhodes

You plan to visit the city of Rhodes, you want to explore its unique heritage and also learn the whereabouts of everyday’s life on the island?

The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides of Rhodes offers you to discover the city of Rhodes, its monuments, history and legends through 5 different walking thematic tours.
Each tour is designed to approach a different aspect of history, from a different angle and with a different itinerary.
Your can choose according to your interests to follow a licensed tourist guide who will unveil the legend of the Colossus, guide you through the serpentine alleyways of the Medieval city, tell you about life in the Palace of the Grand Masters, travel through centuries in the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes that covers close to 4000 thousands years of history or feel the vibes of the glorious ancient Rhodian democracy while standing in its ancient stadium located at the foot of the acropolis and much more….

The Association of Licensed Tourist Guides has decided to take the initiative to offer visitors thematic walking private tours, in small groups (max 12 pax). Earnings are equally shared among all participating guides in order to provide to all our members an equal chance for professional activity and to the independent visitors a way to enjoy a deep insight into local culture and history.

Rhodes is a destination with an exceptional and unique heritage that every traveller should enjoy, and it’s our mission and goal as licensed guides to present it at its best.



Notes : Whispers* included with each tour. Entry fees for museums are extra charges.

*audio devices allowing the respect of social distancing.




"Stories of the seas, stories of the city"
“The Epic side of story, heroes and common people”
"The Palace of the Grand Master and the medieval maze"
"Rhodes: The Origins, Champions and Heroes"