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A person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority.

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“Stories of the seas, stories of the city”

When we talk about Rhode’s History we cannot disconnect it from its unique geographical position that makes it the crossroad between Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

The ideal location was chosen 2400 years in order to host some of the best harbour installations, that made Rhodes one of the wealthiest cities, a democracy that became a cultural and economical center in the aftermath of the Athenian glory..

This is the perfect walking tour for those who want to get a good first approach to the city of Rhodes; combining both modern and Medieval Cities.

This  tour will reveal you the true story of the Colossus of Rhodes, so famous as one  of the seven wonders of antiquity. Lost between myth and legends the story of the huge antique statue will be presented to you as its potential locations.

It is from the famous Colossus spot in the entrance of Mandraki harbour that we’ll meet and start the tour.

Starting from the administrative district built by the Italians in the 1920’s - 30’s, you will get to know firsthand how life is nowadays in Rhodes. Going a little further back in time, you will also learn more about this exceptional architectural complex of the fascist era that is still so impressive today.

Walking along the seaside, we will reach the Medieval City to uncover the Hospital of the Knights and ascend the noble Street of the Knights. Furthermore, we will pass by the Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent, glorious testimony of 400 years of Ottoman rule. And finally, we will go through the commercial alleys to reach Ippokratous Square; the most famous meeting point of the Medieval City. A bit further we will enter the Jewish quarter and its Central square of the "Jewish Martyrs". After a few more steps we will end our tour in this area that was known as the quarter of the Jewish community.

Highlights: Mandraki administrative quarter, Medieval seaside, Street of the Knights, Mosque of Suleyman, Ippokratous square, Square of Jewish Martyrs, Our Lady of Bourgo.


Subjects: Seafaring and sailing routes in Rhodes, the Colossus of Rhodes, Italian occupation, Everyday life in Rhodes nowadays, Seafaring in Rhodes (harbour's fonctions and activity), Knights Hospitallers Administration and function, distinction of neighborhoods and quarters in the Medieval city, period off Ottoman rule , orientation, Jewish community.

Note: Whispers included